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The following reviews are all freely given by Dr. Matic's patients from the Rate my Doctor website.

Dr. Matic did my Rhinoplasty 10 days ago and I am already THRILLED. I went home and it all looked very clean, and neat. His stitch work is AMAZING. I didn’t swell very much under the eyes either, only some discomfort the final two days before splint removal. I was worried something may be wrong because I had sneezed and a stitch had come out in a dried blood clot during. It was Thanksgiving weekend but Dr. Matic still got back to me to let me know everything was alright, making me feel reassured and at ease. I don’t fully know what my final Nose will look like, but I am already thrilled with results because I can see the shape kind of starting to take form. The Staff were all EXTREMELY friendly! The nurse Bridgette was INCREDIBLE. And made me feel TOTALLY at ease. I never got to meet Vicky but I never had any issues getting in contact with her, she would call when they said she would and answered the phone on the first call. She was always very polite and kind. I never felt rushed off or rudeness. The comments insulting Vicky below were most likely Bridezilla type personalities who wanted IMMEDIATE attention and answers. If you are considering getting a Rhinoplasty or any procedure I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Matic and his team. If I move further away and want procedures in my future, I would travel for this Surgeon. He is truly an artist in his field.

Excellent experience. From my first visit till post op. The entire staff was/ is excellent. I’m so happy that I decided to go with Dr. M and his team. A special thank you to Vicky. Who I never met in person but was so patient and helpful. She always made me feel great about me. Yes, she is a busy lady, however I never left a message but I would simply call her again. I never had a problem getting a hold of her. Thanks again would highly recommend Dr. Matic and his Team 🙂

Thank you to Dr. Matic and Vicky for your professional and comfortable support with my surgery experience. Vicky your kind and supportive words made my experience calming and I felt like a had a team right beside me the whole way! I defiantly recommend Dr. Matic to friends and family…..thank you both!

I am 4 months post breast lift surgery with Dr. Matic to fix tuberous breasts and I could not be happier. The entire experience was great from first appointment to last. I’m incredibly pleased with the results. To say that surgery with Dr. Matic has been life altering is not an understatement. I spent a long time thinking what I wanted was a breast augmentation, and feel so grateful to have found a doctor whose priority is to provide the surgery that is most necessary and that will provide the best results, not necessarily what the patient is asking for or what will make him the most money. He is very friendly, professional and prompt. I really enjoyed interacting with Vicky. She explained the process well, was always quick to get back to me and checked up on me every day following my surgery. I did have to wait some months for surgery – worth the wait. I can’t imagine you’d want a surgeon (or any doctor) with wide open availability. I would recommend Dr. Matic to my very closest family and friends in a heartbeat.

I am one of Dr. Matic’s cleft lip and palate patients and I have had him almost all my life. He is an amazing surgeon that does his best for what limited time and space he has in his very busy and demanding schedule. The negative comments toward Vicky are absolutely false! Vicky is an amazing woman that does the most that she can with what she is given and should be given credit for the work she has to do. When a procedure is delayed, Vicky has no choice but to give the bad news and for this comes the negative comments. Sorry but there are priorities in this world that don’t revolve around people’s cosmetic surgeries.

I had a breast lift done by Dr. Matic in April. I have been wanting it for years now and with his help I was able to achieve the look I always wanted. I am very thankful that I picked him for my surgery as he is a professional, knowledgeable and honest doctor. I did have a long wait to go in the OR but overall it went well. He talked with me before the surgery and made a follow up appointment the next day to see him and make sure everything was still in its rightful place. The team that was there for my surgery where all really good. He also had a student in the room with him as well. When the surgery was done Dr. Matic went to the waiting room to talk with my husband about aftercare and how the surgery went in general. Overall I’m really pleased.

Professional, talented (an artist, really), thorough and trustworthy.

I am so happy with the results of my tummy tuck and arm lift! From start to finish everyone was so professional and caring. Thank You!

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