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The following reviews are all freely given by Dr. Matic's patients from the Rate my Doctor website.

I am his regular patient for injections. Always very pleased with my results. He sure knows what he is doing (probably because he did 10 more years of schooling than I did lol). Thanks Dr. Matic for always making me look my best!

Had an open septorhinoplasty with Dr. Matic and he is phenomenal! He is very very very easy to talk to, not intimidating at all, and tells you his very honest opinion. I love how casual and funny he is, yet still very professional, caring, and an expert at what he does! Love my results and love that I chose Dr. Matic and his team! His sec Vicky is just as great, so sweet and caring! It takes a few days to get my calls returned but that is just reality, it is like that anywhere you call. There is only one of her and MANY of us! Overall everything about my pre-op, procedure, and post op went perfect. Thank you Dr. Matic and team!

I had my stretched ear-lobe repaired. It was done at Victoria Hospital and everything went very well. My ear looks normal now and I am very very happy. The initial meeting was very informative and every step of the way went smoothly. Results were just as what I was told. Very happy camper.

Outstanding doctor and great human being. I had several procedures done recently and Dr. Matic has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend him without hesitation and trust him with any type of surgery!

Very professional, great knowledge, very co-operative, and always satisfies patients and their parents.

After consulting with numerous surgeons, I went with Dr. Matic for my facelift and I couldn’t be happier with the results! I knew that Dr. Matic was the one after my consultation with him. Every step from my first consultation, the actual surgery, and the aftercare were nothing but perfect. Every member of his team were super nice and very welcoming. My friend who is a nurse told me that face surgeries are very complex and requires extreme precision and technical capabilities and Dr. Matic seems to be the face person to go to in Ontario. My new look has given me my youth back and I am delighted! Thank you to everyone at LHSC Victoria Hospital Dr. Matic’s team.

Amazing doc/person. Even though he couldn’t offer any permanent solution to my concern, still took at least 30 mins of his busy time genuinely listening to my concerns and gave me his honest opinion. Definitely helped me put my dilemma to rest forever. Great doc, great person. Thank you

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!!I always felt safe, assured, informed and well, after my surgery I felt 100% right after in recovery even though I had just had surgery?

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