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The following reviews are all freely given by Dr. Matic's patients from the Rate my Doctor website.

Just a quick note to comment on facelift surgery by Dr. Matic. My results are fantastic and way beyond my expectations. I could not be happier and I would strongly recommend Dr. Matic’s artistry and talent to anyone (in fact I have already have) Thank you Dr. Matic for your awesome work!

I recently had breadth augmentation by Dr. Matic and his medical team. It hasn’t been very long since my surgery and I can barely notice the scars already! He and his staff were very friendly and easy to talk to. It was over all a very pleasant experience and will definitely go back for any other surgeries in the future. I even recommended him to my family members which is saying something!

Amazing doc/person. Even though he couldn’t offer any permanent solution to my concern, still took at least 30 mins of his busy time genuinely listening to my concerns and gave me his honest opinion. Definitely helped me put my dilemma to rest forever. Great doc, great person. Thank you

Dr. Matic is very skilled in his work!! He listens to your concerns and offers help, without being pushy. He is friendly, professional and a perfectionist. My sister had a BA and is extremely satisfied with the results. I had a lip procedure and fillers; happy with my results!! Vicky, his secretary is an asset to his practice. She is sweet, yet professional. They make a great team.

Extremely pleased my eye cosmetic surgery. Dr. Matic was always very knowledgeable and everything went super smoothly. A little bit of pain during healing process but that was expected for any surgery. Was super easy to get in touch with the team during follow-up care and they were very accessible and accommodating. Thank you London plastic surgery!

Absolutely delighted with my surgery outcome! The pain after surgery was not fun but tolerable… although my husband says I have zero tolerance for pain and I am a wimp for these kind of things. To get back on the topic – let’s just say that my experience from the beginning was fabulous and I couldn’t have asked for better. I love the results and they are miles beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Dr. Matic and Vicky for taking care of me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Matic and London plastic surgery to even my closest friends and families!

AWESOME Doctor!!!!! So thoroughly pleased with my tummy tuck and panniculectomy 🙂 great service! Great results….. Thanks so much for everything Dr. Matic

Dr. Matic did cleft palate repair and cleft lip repair surgeries on my baby and did such a wondrous job! The lip looks almost normal and it just gets better and better as days go by. He really seems to be the guy to go to for cleft surgeries. I heard very positive things about him from other moms with babies with cleft needs and I definitely agree with them. If you are reading this Dr. Matic – thank you so so so much for your hard work and care – many thanks and love from every member of the family! Best wishes for continuous successful career!

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