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The following reviews are all freely given by Dr. Matic's patients from the Rate my Doctor website.

I am couple months recovered from abdominoplasty. Results definitely exceeded my high expectations. This was my first ever surgery in my life and it was very frightening. But well worth it! No pain no gain! The only complaint I have is of the long wait time for approval by health government but what can you do we Canadians have free healthcare so everyone has to wait their turn. Thank you very much doctor. You changed my life for the better forever. No need to worry about my belly anymore.

I routinely consult Dr. Matic for Botox treatments and I would recommend him to anyone. He always knows exactly where to give me the Botox and they are very effective. I can take years off my face without getting surgery and I really like that. It’s now a part of my beauty routine because they really work.

I am a breast implants patient of Dr. Matic’s. Surgery was a few months ago and I can say with no regret that this is the best decision I have made in my life. Results are totally worth it. I love feeling more “full” and “complete” in the clothings that I only dreamt of wearing when I was younger. Huge thanks to the doctor!

Dr. Matic removed a dermoid cyst off of my boy’s forehead. Our experience was very good and I would recommend him to anyone! Thank you doctor!

Dr. Matic is absolutely amazing doctor you can come cross. Especially procedures like breast augmentation (commonly called boob job). I was really lucky to meet Dr. Matic. I was only uncomfortable for a few days and then almost back to my regular routine. End results look astonishing. I am really happy that I buckled down and proceeded with the surgery. Possibly the best decision I have made in my life. All the fellow woman out there – getting bigger bust has definitely heightened my self-esteem and confidence!

He is a wonderful doctor! He fixed our son’s cleft lip and our boy is recovering very well. Super down to earth but very caring at the same time. Always kept us laughing during our visits to see him and explained everything so that they were understandable to non-medical people like my wife and I. Thank you Dr. Matic we can’t thank you enough. Thank you.

Very happy with the results of my abdominoplasty!! Getting approval from the government required lot of patience but it was worth it!!!! Thank you Dr. Matic and his excellent team. Follow-up care was just as good as the surgery itself! I wish I would have looked him up 5 years ago!! Very happy!!!

We saw this Dr. because my kid had problems with hand after injury at school. I have to say my family was very impressed with his care and his residents. Very down to earth and fun with kids. After few weeks my kid is pain free and back to normal life. Thanks, god bless, happy New Year

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