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The following reviews are all freely given by Dr. Matic's patients from the Rate my Doctor website.

Dr. Matic has recently performed surgery on my baby boy for cleft lip and palate and the result is astonishing. My understanding is that my baby still need additional surgeries down the road and it is going to be a long journey but I feel super comfortable now that I have seen what Dr. Matic is able to offer to us. It is never easy seeing your little baby go through not just the surgery itself but the after surgery pain and discomfort associated with it but Dr. Matic has always been there for my husband and I to answer even the smallest questions we have. Children’s hospital in London is tremendously lucky to have a surgeon like Dr. Matic and I am sure all the parents who went through similar experiences would agree. I am going to keep things anonymous for privacy purposes but if you are reading this Dr. Matic, thank you so much!! There isn’t a day that goes by where my husband and I don’t think about what you have already done and will do for our family down the road. Thank you. God bless.

Asked my family doctor to refer us to doctor Matic for our baby girl based on the positive experience that everyone had on this site and ours was just as good or even better! She has healed very well after the surgery and my husband and I are very happy. It’s never easy for a parent to see their baby girl go into operation and the recovery steps that it entails but Dr. Matic and his people walked with us every step of the way. Thank you for all the work you do for kids in this area. God bless

Had a rhinoplasty done back in May and I love the results. Dr. Matic was very clear about the process and expectations and made sure to follow the aftercare instructions. I’m planning on doing fat injections with him too. Great doctor!

Recently had abdominoplasty (tummy surgery) done by Dr. Matic and his team. What can I say…? He is a MAGICIAN!! The results are beyond what I had imagined going into the surgery. Words cannot describe just how happy I am. Everyone at the hospital were very nice and Helpful and really provided top notch care. Dr. Matic came around couple times after surgery to make sure I was recovering well and doing the necessary things. I don’t always make the best choices in my life but having this surgery is the best thing that has ever happened to me in years (tears…). Thank you to all those who has helped me all these years. Thank you Doctor!

I cannot recommend Dr. Matic enough. I have been battling with paralysis conditions of my face for a very long time which has affected my life in every way from social interactions to my psychological well-being. It has been tough times but since I have been referred to Dr. Matic and the treatments rendered by him, I am starting to see improvements, which is very reassuring and comforting. From the very beginning, he was very honest about what he could do for me and what was virtually impossible. He painted me a realistic picture as to what I should expect in terms of improvements, and he really did delivered. Life is not fun when you need to worry about how your face looks from time to time but I am very thankful that I have a doctor like Dr. Matic nearby.

My little baby girl had a cyst removed by Dr. Matic on her forehead about a year and half ago and it was a very heartwarming process! The whole plastic surgeon team was super nice and kind and the process didn’t take too long. Her scar has healed very nicely over the years and it is now barely noticeable. Thank you Dr. Matic for your wonderful care to my baby girl 🙂

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