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As we age, our skin loses volume. This can cause dark, sunken circles under the eyes and can give the appearance of being perpetually tired or prematurely aged. To fight back against this issue, you may consider a tear trough rejuvenation.

The tear trough is the depression that runs from your lower eyelid to the top of your cheek. While it is completely normal to have a hollow spanning this distance, some people experience a deepening of this depression.

Using dermal filler to treat this area can immediately give a refreshed look. This non-invasive treatment has zero downtime and quickly corrects the problem area. A full consultation should be completed with your medical provider prior to the treatment to assess your suitability for the procedure and to implement a treatment plan. Each patient is unique and requires a different approach.

Ample cheek volume is required to give sufficient support to the tear trough. Without an adequate cheek, the tear trough can appear overcorrected and unnatural. For this reason, it may be necessary to place dermal filler into the cheek prior to treating the tear trough.

Using the proper tools will give the best result. The team at London Plastic Surgery prefers to use a blunt tip cannula for this procedure. Compared to using a sharp needle, there is virtually no bruising and limited complication.

The eyes are very sensitive so it is important to ensure highly trained medical professionals are treating this area. The team at London Plastic Surgery is well trained in preventing and treating any possible complications.

The patient pictured here had concerns about her appearance around her eyes. She felt that area looked tired and had aged her significantly. After a full consultation, Mariam worked with the patient and developed a treatment plan. To build up the cheeks so that they could support the tear trough, we injected 2 mls of Voluma by Allergan. This also helped to enhance her cheek contour and jawline. To treat the tear trough, 2 mls of Redensity II by Teosyal was strategically injected.

The combination of dermal filler in both the cheeks and tear trough provided a soft lift, which rejuvenated her face, giving a youthful look. With the appropriate product and right injector, this patient was left with natural looking results.

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