By London Plastic Surgery

Hyaluronic acid and collagen act to support the layers of the skin. Over time, these levels decrease and skin can become deflated, dehydrated, thin and loose. Thin skin is difficult to treat because it is so delicate and easily damaged. Our team of medical professionals is trained to assist in preventing and treating thin skin.

A non-invasive soft lift can treat these areas with medical grade skin care, boosting the skin’s appearance. Pharmaceutical grade skin care products are made with high-quality and stable ingredients, which are absorbed into the skin, providing a deep level of penetration. This is essential for thin skin as it boosts vitamin A, C, E, consumption, collagen and hydration.

When hyaluronic acid naturally diminishes, dermal filler will help replace what was lost naturally. When injected into the skin, the hyaluronic acid absorbs up to 200 times their size of water, which restores plumpness and provides deep hydration. This also results in a refined skin texture, minimized pores and a vivid complexion.

Dermal filler can also restore volume in the cheeks, jaw and temples by lifting the thin, sagging skin. You can reverse the signs of aging and bring back a more youthful appearance without surgery or downtime!

Contact our team at London Plastic Surgery to inquire about how to utilize a soft lift to return firmness and elasticity to your skin while boosting your skin’s natural collagen. A full consultation with one of our medical professionals will help you choose the products best suited for your individual skin type.

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