Currently, one of the most popular treatments performed at our clinic is lip filler/augmentation. This delicate procedure is a real art form and requires a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver natural looking results.

We understand what makes beautiful lips and work to achieve the ideal proportions and avoid the dreaded over-done look. When delivering a natural looking pout, a ratio of 1:3-2:3 of upper to lower lip is used. Balancing these ratios will ensure your lips look natural and not exaggerated.

Not all lip fillers are done with the intention of creating bigger lips. Over time, the border of the lip loses definition, the lips curl inward and volume loss occurs. It is common for lipstick to bleed from the red part of your lip onto your skin because the structure has been lost. This is best treated with a filler to restore volume and structure around the mouth. Subtle treatments help to define the lip from the skin surrounding the mouth.

Lip fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a natural occurring sugar in the body that acts like a sponge – attracting water. When injected, the lips will have a hydrated, rejuvenated look.

If you are exploring lip augmentation, we will first meet with you so we can understand your aesthetic goals. Once we determine the look you are going for we will talk about what to expect from your treatment and what is realistic to achieve with your existing lips.

London Plastic Surgery has a variety of injectable fillers that deliver exceptional results – from fine definition to fuller, more contoured look.

The quick procedure has virtually no downtime. You may experience some swelling for 48 hours and possible bruising for three to five days. The results last approximately 6 – 12 months as your body eventually breaks down the filler during that time.

By Yolanda Sharp

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