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The jawline is a principal feature that, together with the nose, defines the facial shape and profile. Genioplasty, or chin implants, will restore a weak or recessed chin, improving the overall shape of the face.

Chin implants can:

  • Improve contours of chin, neck, jawline
  • Create a natural, attractive balance between facial features
  • Prevent jowls from forming
  • Reduce the appearance of a “double” chin
  • Give predictable and permanent results


Anesthesia Type: Most are performed under general anesthesia.

Duration of Surgery: Approximately 1.5 hours

In/Outpatient: Patients go home same day. A bandage or small dressing may cover the chin for up to 10 days.

Length of Recovery and Return to Work: Recovery is usually quick and discomfort is minimal. Food should be liquid-to-soft for a week to avoid excessive chewing during the healing process. Patients can return to most daily activities within 7 days while strenuous activities should resume within 3 to 4 weeks.

Final Results: Expected by 3 months

Post-Operative Medication: Patients are given both painkillers and antibiotics (generally pain killers are only needed in the first few days) Patients should also use an oral rinse once per day.

Pricing: Can vary based on the type and extent of the surgery and the patient’s individual concerns: Most are performed under general anesthesia.

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