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Heather is a pharmacist by profession with a nutritional background. She graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University with high honours.
Heather has lost over 100 lbs through rigorous exercise and diet. Through this experience she has realized the true importance of taking care of your body to achieve full aesthetic potential. With great weight loss came excessive loose skin. After trying a numerous lines of skin creams and various skin tightening procedures and technologies with no success, Heather decided to explore ways to surgically remove this loose skin. She researched extensively and consulted with many Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons to find the very best, a true artist in the field. This is when she met Dr. Matic.
Heather now focuses on new and innovative products and procedures that can produce proven results. She has experimented with CoolSculpting and many other fat removal technologies. CoolSculpting provided such amazing results that she knew she had to be involved in this technology. This lead her to become a CoolSculpting Team Leader.
With 10 years in the pharmaceutical field, Heather is equipped with the ability to critique scientific research and studies to find products with proven ingredients and stringent product testing. This lead Heather to the Environ Skin Care Line. The products were developed by a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who understood the importance of using proper ingredients with small enough molecules to penetrate the skin.

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