What is a chin correction?

The jawline is a principal feature that, together with the nose, defines the facial shape and profile. Genioplasty, or chin implants, will restore a weak or recessed chin, improving the overall shape of the face.

Chin implants can:

Improve contours of chin, neck, jawline

Create a natural, attractive balance between facial features

Prevent jowls from forming

Reduce the appearance of a “double” chin

Give predictable and permanent results

Change the appearance of chin dimpling

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chin implants or chin surgery in which we move the bone itself to augment the chin area can be done. Both require plates and screws to hold things in position and the risk of rejection of the implant is a very low risk, infection however can happen (less than 1%) and that may necessitate implant removal. Implants last a lifetime!
Chin implants can improve the appearance of the jaw line in the front and in profile and in some instances can help the appearance of jowls. There are also other jaw implants that can be used to further improve or enhance the remainder of the jawline
Dr. Matic preforms his surgeries at more than one location here in London depending on scheduling and the type of surgery the patient is booking. A majority of his surgeries are preformed at the state of the art facility located near St. Joesph's Hospital called Advanced Medical group. AMG operates alongside all regulations from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.
All consultations and follow up appointments are done at our downtown facility located at 22 Covent Market Place.

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