What is Fat Transfer?

Over time, the face gradually losses volume which can result in fine lines, wrinkles and a prematurely aged look. Fat transfer uses fat cells from the patient’s body to reverse this effect.

The benefits of fat transfer include:

Structural support to soft tissue

Restores cheek contours

Minimizes creases and hollowness around the eyes

Gives a more youthful look

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Frequently Asked Questions

In general fat is harvested from part of your body and then isolated and re-injected to another part of the body in order to augment that area. Generally this requires one or two additional procedures 6 weeks apart in order to get a more permanent result
Almost immediately but the result is stable at about 6wks after surgery, the first fat grafting treatment often results in about 50% loss of volume and therefore additional procedures are required to get a stable augmentation. In most people this means two or three fat grafting sessions.
Once stable the result is permanent for your body weight. That means if you then lose weight the fat grafted area may also get smaller and the reverse can also happen if you gain weight the fat grafted area may also get bigger

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