What is Scar revision Surgery?

Scar revision is surgery to improve or reduce the appearance of scars

Scar revisions can be performed to:

Restore natural movement of joints when contracture occurs

Minimize hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation

Reduce redness

Remove scar tissue


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During + After your Surgery

Anaesthesia Type

Most procedures are performed under local anaesthetic

Duration of Procedure

Dependant on size and location of the scar. Normally 1-2 Hours



Length of Recovery

1-2 weeks

Final Results

You can expect your final results within about one year of the procedure.

Pricing & Financing Options

Price upon consultation

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At London Plastic Surgery, we appreciate your trust in our many years of experience and care. Payment for our procedures can be made through various payment methods. You can also choose financing, which is available through Credit Medical or Medicard. Financing makes cosmetic surgery procedures much more affordable. If you are interested in applying for financing, please click the apply now button or contact Credit Medical or Medicard through their website to start your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discoloration or discomfort may continue from 1 to 2 weeks. Healing will continue for several weeks and as the new scar heals it will slowly refine and fade. You can expect your final results within about one year of the procedure.
The size, location, and complexity of your scar affects the length of the procedure. In most cases, a scar revision procedure can be completed within one to two hours.

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