What is Ultrasound Therapy?

Ultrasound utilizes sound energy andd pressure waves created by the mechanical vibration of particles through a medium. The flow of ultrasound may be delivered as an uninterrupted stream or with periodic interruptions. Ultrasound is classified as a deep heating modality capable of producing a temperature increase in tissues of considerable depth because it travels very well through tissue. It is used to enhance healing at the cellular level and stimulates new blood vessel growth at the surgical site.


Help decrease the appearance of your surgical scar

Can aid in preventing scars

Increases blood flow

Improves healing benefits in treating surgical wounds

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Frequently Asked Questions

The effects of ultrasound therapy are permanent. The results are not immediate and are specific to each individual's healing response. The procedure takes several sessions. Three to five, thirty minute to one hour appointments depending on the treatment area size.
Ultrasound therapy is a non-invasive procedure. The clinician uses a small treatment handpiece head and a topical gel. The dose and time is measured based on size and depth of incision area. The clinician uses small circular movement of ultrasound handpiece over incision area. The area is completed in sections based on prescribed dose and time per area. The procedure takes several appointments. Three to five, thirty minute to one hour sessions depending on treatment area size.
It is prescribed by the surgeon and can be used for most surgical sites.

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