If we believed all of the claims by all of the skin care products, we would be overwhelmed by the results! However, we cannot listen to simple marketing campaigns when making the best choice for our bodies.

Skin care is a complex science and it’s difficult to understand the intricacies behind it. However, at London Plastic Surgery, our team has filtered through the evidence and offer only the highest quality products that we have tried ourselves.

Consumer products available at drugstores or specialty shops at the mall cannot compare to the medical grade products we carry. These premium quality products are highly absorbed into the skin with a deep level of penetration. This depth is needed to cause real changes to our cells and skin.

Vitamin C, for example, helps protect skin from sun damage and environmental stresses when used at a superficial layer. But, to get the most benefit from vitamin C, you need a product that deeply penetrates. This will aid with collagensis – helping to prevent wrinkles and improve skin tone and texture. This only happens if the penetration is deep enough to contact collagen.

Medical/pharmaceutical grade skincare is formulated with high-quality, stable ingredients often at higher levels than something found at the department store. These products are formulated in a lab and have extensive research and clinical studies behind them. Because of the high concentration of ingredients, these products must be sold in a supervised environment, under the direction of an M.D. and medical staff who can advise clients of proper usage.

The team at London Plastic Surgery includes a Plastic Surgeon, Pharmacist and two Registered Nurses. The FDA and Health Canada regulate our formulas, messaging, positioning and marketing. This combined with our extensive testing leaves our clients feeling confident that they are getting the highest standard ingredients, formulas, efficacy, quality and outcomes.

If you have a question about the best product for your skin care needs, ask one of our professionals. We have the research, experience and confidence to advise you. Visit our clinic today or give us a call at 519-850-5435

By Heather Kirby

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